Welcome to the mother continent, Welcome to Africa! Toggle

You can travel anywhere in the world and have a great holiday, but when you travel through Africa, you are taking a JOURNEY INTO THE HEART. And if you open your heart and allow the mother to speak to you, you will be touched and your life will be changed in a positive way. When you finish your vacation, you may leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you and she will be a part of you forever.

Africa is a continent of huge contrast, a continent where struggles of old traditions are trying to marry with the new world. Africa is a place of mystery and magic, a place of raw life and life in its purity. It is a continent where you witness the circle of life from the blade of grass to the animals that eat the grass to the predators that eat these animals to the death of the predators that get eaten by the bacteria and then back into the earth that feeds the grasses. The circle of life is complete.

Africa is a continent of hope and light. Africa is a place of enormous potential. Divine Tours invites you to join us as we explore Southern Africa and take you into the