All our Tours are adaptable and tailor-made to your specifications. All our itineraries can be adjusted to your requirements. These tours can be arrange as private tours, min 2 or groups. If you would like our itineraries, please contact us with your queries and interests.



This is an very exciting tour and the experience will take you through the deserts of Namibia, onto the rivers of the Chobe, with lots of wild animals to see along the way and end under the showers of largest waterfall in the world.

Dead Sossuvlei
Elephant in Addo

Garden Route

The Garden Route is one of the most popular tours in South Africa, for both locals and internationals. It is a gateway tour to South Africa and the continent of Africa. It is filled with adventure and is spectacularly beautiful.

This tour can be both short and long and can be combined with other parts of the country like Kruger National Park, for example.


Yoga tour

With our yoga tour we try to visit unusual spiritual places like eco-shrines and labyrinths. This tour can be arranged anywhere in Southern Africa. You can choose to travel with your own yoga instructor or we can arrange the teacher. This tour is best when you have a group travelling together.

Baobab Tree

Botanical Tours

Over the past few years we have become known for our botanical tours, mostly among our Swiss clients. The Cape Floral Kingdom is a botanical haven and is rich in it’s diversity of flowers. This, in combination with the mesmerising beauty of the Namaqualand flowers in the spring makes South Africa a popular place for plant lovers.


Educational school tour

We thrive to inspire young inquisitive minds. The young ones are like little sponges and hunger for knowledge and are curious to how things work and relate to each other.

Our approach to the educational tours is from the ground up. We look at the story of how the rocks formed, to how the plants adapted to the environment, to how does the animals adapt and survive in their surrounding. We look at the adaptation and history of humans. At night we turn our eyes to the night skies and interpret the story of the sky.

Educational Tour
Victor Verster Prison
One man

can make a difference

Our ‘one man can make a difference’ tour, is a journey in which we follow the life of Nelson Mandela throughout South Africa, starting in Cape Town to his place of birth, to where he grew up, to the place where he was arrested and then to where he casted his first vote in a new democratic South Africa, till where the ANC was born. We end the tour in Johannesburg with the apartheid museum and  Liliesleaf farm in Rivonia.


The first people

The San, Khoisan, bushmen  are the oldest first nation in the world. They are also one of the most successful civilisations in human history. We follow the route from Cape Town to the Kalahari enriched with the history of the indigenous people.

Bushman walk
Howick Falls

Nature lovers tour

The nature lovers tour is a wonderful tour that is concentrated mostly to the national parks of South Africa, starting in Cape Town up the garden route through Kwazulu Natal into the Kruger National Park and ending in Johannesburg. There are lots of game drives and we weave our way through South Africa’s beauty. The tour is diverse and the experience amazing.


Rock of Ages

Every grain of sand has a story. In this tour we interpret the environment, mainly the rocks through the geology of South Africa and combining it with Namibia spectacular rocks and along the earth to tell us a story.

Organ Pipes
Capture Site

Incentive Tours

Our incentive tours are usually a nice balance between adventure, activities and luxury. These tours are fun filled days with lots of activities and experiences.

Because this is meant to be reward tours we adapt the experience according to the interest. These experience vary from riding on Harley Davidson’s to wine blending to game drives and shark cage diving, etc… 


Study Tours

Universities tours, student tours and study group tours has become our most popular tours the past few years. From political studies to women empowering study groups and evolution studies. What ever the desire is, we design a tour that will thrill you and expand the mind.

This tour offers a perfect opportunity to learn more in-depth about how South Africa function on all levels or at least your levels of interest.

Drakensberg Sunset