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So there I was another Friday (January 2004), sitting in an office, staring at a computer in a cubicle, surrounded by four walls. I was not enjoying it. The next day I was hiking in the mountains, when I suddenly got the idea that I could do this (hiking) for a living. The joy I experienced from being in nature, in the mountains and hiking was pure bliss. My business partner (from the same office) used to hang out of the window with the desire to be out in nature. Seven months later with a business plan in hand and a desire in our hearts, we started this journey together. The rest as they say, is history.

This company was started with pure passion and joy and still today we serve with that same passion, joy and enthusiasm that we felt when we first started Divine Tours. The company has come a long way from starting as hiking specialists, to organising tours throughout several different countries and operating in various fields.

Ronell Smedley at Victoria Falls

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rosella divinia

My name is Errol Meyer, pictured above left in Dead Sossusvlei, Namibia. My business-partner pictured above is Ronell Smedley, in Victoria Falls, Zambia.

This plant to the left has a story behind it, linking it to Divine Tours. For a few years Ronell and I have been a part of the team that went searching for the plant while it was studied by botanist, Prof. Christopher Cupido. It only grows at a specific month, flowering only at a specific place in a specific spot in the Boland Mountains in the Western Cape. It is a rare plant. After the DNA studies was done and other reclassification, the plant was renamed.

In 2014, the plant was named Roella divina. Divina is the Latin name for Divine. The plant was named after our company, in honour of the contribution of the company owners for assisting in finding this rare species. This happened to correspond with the 10th anniversary of Divine Tours.

We are a rare company, with rare individuals, waiting to give you a rare experience of this part of Africa. Contact us and lets take this journey together.